How to sell at Rewardszz?

2020-05-08 06:49:06

Rewardszz is free to sell something. Buyers pay processing fee

Selling items are as easy as follows.

1. Register sales items from the "New sales item" menu. 

2. Sellers can set the price for 1 item from USD3 to USD100. Then, the sales item page is automatically generated. 

3. Get URL of the sales item page and paste it on SNS profile or SNS post. Followers can come to your sales item page and request to buy. 

3. The seller and the buyer start Trading Chat. The buyer deposit the money. They can communicate about sales item sending and receiving. 

4. After the sales item is received by the buyer, the deposited money goes to the seller. 

5. The buyer and the seller write a review on the counterpart.