Photographers can make money

2019-08-07 09:04:00

It is easy to sell your photo from Rewardszz

At Rewardszz, you can create your "sales item page". and register your photos for selling with a price (USD10-120). Then, put this URL on your profile of Instagram or of any other SNS. You can start selling your photo from now.

Regarding to duplicate issue, we Rewardszz (gram Inc. at Tokyo) have not implemented any functionalities. So, please use digital watermark or similar measures to prevent duplicating.
Or, you can sell relatively low definition digital photo such as 3MB sized for web site use.

Rewardszz have file transfer functionality in communication window for a seller and a buyer. Up to 20MB, you can send image files to the buyer, if necessary more than one.

Sample hashtags
Overview: #mypiece #photograph
Quality: #3MB #websiteuse
Quantity: 1
Delivery method: #filetransfer
Delivery timing: #immediately-after-payment