Money transfer

2019-06-06 16:08:42


When the money will be sent to the seller?

The money from the seller’s sold item will go to the seller after the weekly processing of our business team. If the seller’s sold money balance (“Your RWZ-for-Cash to be paid”) will excess USD50, the seller’s money will be sent to his or her PayPal email address after weekly processing.

If you (the seller) have not registered your PayPal email address, please register it at Top-left menu “User -> Settings”.

PayPal website

What is RWZ?

“RWZ” (pronounced as “rewards”) is a prepaid token for buyers to send monetary value via the Rewardszz system to the seller. Buyers need to buy RWZ token before they request to buy something from sellers.

RWZ token includes Rewardszz business team's processing fee and a money transaction fee of PayPal. We will try to reduce this processing fee by improving the business process.

We chose this way of monetary value exchange for many reasons. The main reason is that we need to intercede the seller and the buyer when certain trouble happens. If necessary, Rewardszz business team refunds the money to the buyer.