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:1. General questions

1-1. What is Rewardszz?

Rewardszz is a marketplace developed for social media creators who have many followers. Creators have a large potential to sell something to their followers. Images, sounds, voices, talks, and so on. They can also get donations from followers.

Usually, in a marketplace, sellers need buyers when they sell something. If no buyers, no sell. Social media creators followed by many fans have such potential buyers. This is the domain where Rewardszz works.

Rewardszz works like a small shop for creators. They can add Rewardszz URL on their profile or post. From this URL, many potential buyers come.

The sample sales item page is here.

1-2. What is “Hashtag commerce”?

We Rewardszz are creating Hashtag commerce.

Today, most of us are familiar with hashtags. On Instagram, many users are using hashtags to express their interest. By clicking a hashtag, users can find someone who has the same interest.

Rewardszz installed hashtag system fully. At Rewardszz, sellers can use hashtags to explain their sales items as follows.

By using hashtags, anybody can sell their image files, audio or video communication, services, and physical goods. Things that are easy to attract followers are appropriate. You can try it today. (Rewardszz is a free service. We charge fees only for successful trading.)

Regarding the delivery of sales items, we only equipped image file transfer functionality in Trading Chat. Other items need to be delivered by other appropriate measures prepared by the seller. 


2. For Sellers

2-1. For Sellers: How to sell?


Selling items are as easy as follows.

  1. Register sales items from the "New sales item" menu.
  2. Sellers can set the price for 1 item from USD3 to USD100. Then, the sales item page is automatically generated.
  3. Get URL of the sales item page and paste it on SNS profile or SNS post. Followers can come to your sales item page and request to buy.
  4. The seller and the buyer start Trading Chat. The buyer deposit the money. They can communicate about sales item sending and receiving.
  5. After the sales item is received by the buyer, the deposited money goes to the seller.
  6. The buyer and the seller write a review on the counterpart.


2-2. For Sellers: How to deliver sales items?

Rewardszz is a simple trading tool for sellers. Sellers can sell the following items via Rewardszz.

-      Original (HD) image files posted on social media

-      Other created files

-      Phone talk and video talk

-      Physical goods such as a small gift item (that is easy to send via postal service)

-      Receiving donations

-      The paid brand promotion offered by a brand company

Except for image files, the delivery of sales items depends on the sellers’ arrangement. (Image file transfer is implemented in Trading Chat.)

So, we recommend sellers to sell things easy to deliver, at first. Created files or phone talk would be easy to deliver.

Regarding physical goods delivery, we recommend sellers to limit the delivery area within their country that has a simple fee structured postal service. Then, sellers can add delivery costs to the price of sales items very easily.

When the addition of delivery cost is necessary, sellers can post “delivery cost” as “a sales item”, and set the price for example at USD3. Then, the seller can request the counterpart buyer to buy this “delivery cost” when communicating in Trading Chat.


2-4. For Sellers: How sellers can get the cash they earn?

The money from your sold item will go to you after the weekly processing of our business team. If your sold money balance (“Your RWZ-for-Cash to be paid”) will excess USD50, your money will be sent to your PayPal email address after weekly processing.

If you have not registered your PayPal email address, please register it at Top-left menu “User -> Settings”.

PayPal website


3. For Buyers

3-1. For Buyers: How to buy? (1)

The buyers need to pay in advance to buy something from the sellers. Considering many things, we Rewardszz implemented a prepaid “token” system in this market place. The name of the token is “RWZ” (pronounced as “rewards”).

If the price of the sales item you want to buy is US Dollar 5, you need to buy 5 RWZ.

1 RWZ has the same value as 1 US Dollar. 5 RWZ has the same value as 5 US Dollar.

This RWZ based prepaid token system is installed to prevent non-delivery risk of the sales item and non-payment risk from the seller viewpoint.

The buyer needs to deposit the exact amount of RWZ for the item in advance to begin Trading Chat with the seller. This happens automatically when the buyer pushes the “Deposit” button (see below image).

Thus, if the non-delivery of sales items happens, we Rewardszz business team can refund the RWZ to the buyer.


3-2. For Buyers: How to buy? (2)

Following image is Trading Chat view from the buyer.

  1. The buyer deposits RWZ (the amount = price of this sales item) before Trading Chat starts.
  2. The buyer asks to buy.
  3. The seller responds.
  4. The seller sends the sales item. If photo, he/she sends an image file through this Trading Chat.
  5. After receiving the sales item, the buyer pushes "Already received" button.
  6. Trading completed.
  7. The buyer and the seller input review each other.

3-3. For Buyers: What is RWZ?

“RWZ” (pronounced as “rewards”) is a prepaid token for buyers to send monetary value via the Rewardszz system to the seller. Buyers need to buy RWZ token before they request to buy something from sellers.

RWZ token includes Rewardszz business team's processing fee and a money transaction fee of PayPal. We will try to reduce this processing fee by improving the business process.

We chose this way of monetary value exchange for many reasons. The main reason is that we need to intercede the seller and the buyer when certain trouble happens. If necessary, Rewardszz business team refunds the money to the buyer.


3-4. For Buyers: If non-delivery happens, how the prepaid money will become?

If non-delivery happens, buyers can push "Problem" button in the communication window. Then, Rewardszz business team will see Trading Chat between the seller and the buyer and ask questions to both.
 Then, if the buyer has a reason, Rewardszz business team will refund the RWZ amount that was deposited for the trading.


4. Other questions

4-1. How do you charge a processing fee for the price of sales?

We Rewardszz would like to have, at minimum, USD1 or 10% of "net trading value" (without PayPal transaction fee) for one trading as “RWZ fee”.

Regarding how much RWZ fee is included, see the following image.

4-2. What company does operate Rewardszz?

Rewardszz is owned and operated by gram Inc, a marketing and research company at Tokyo Japan, established in December 2014.

CEO: Makoto Tanimura

Director: Daisuke Imaizumi

Chief programmer: György István

Email contact