How Rewardszz works?

2019-06-06 16:08:42



Rewardszz is a marketplace developed for social media creators who have many followers. Creators have a large potential to sell something to their followers. Images, sounds, voices, talks, and so on. They can also get donations from followers.

Usually, in a marketplace, sellers need buyers when they sell something. If no buyers, no sell. Social media creators followed by many fans have such potential buyers. This is the domain where Rewardszz works.

Rewardszz works like a small shop for creators. They can add Rewardszz URL on their profile or post. From this URL, many potential buyers come. The sample sales item page is here.

Prices in Rewardszz

Regarding the currency in this marketplace, we use US Dollar for the pricing of sales items. US Dollar pricing is easy for people from many countries to understand the value of sales items.

Sellers can set the sales item price from the following options.

Price options: USD3, USD5, USD10, USD20, USD40, USD60 and USD100.

Also, sellers can set quantity (unit) for each item with one price. For example, the seller can sell five items in one trading at USD3.


How the sold item money goes to the seller?

The money from your sold item will go to you after the weekly processing of our business team. If your sold money balance (“Your RWZ-for-Cash to be paid”) will excess USD50, your money will be sent to your PayPal email address after weekly processing.

If you have not registered your PayPal email address, please register it at Top-left menu “User -> Settings”.


Sellers: No non-payment risk

Sellers don't have any non-payment risk. Rewardszz provides secured payment for sellers.

  1. Rewardszz requests money deposit (prepaid RWZ) to buyers when they request Trading Chat to sellers. So, when someone is coming into Trading Chat, the seller can know he or she already deposited the money.
  2. Sellers and buyers communicate in Trading Chat about sending item and receiving item. After receiving item, the buyer pushes “Already received” button.
  3. Then, this trading is completed. The deposited money goes to the seller account (“Your RWZ-for-Cash to be paid” in RWZ and Money menu).
  4. As a result, every time the seller communicates in Trading Chat, the buyer already deposited the money. There is no risk of non-payment.


Buyers: No non-delivery risk

Buyers don't have any non-delivery risks. Rewardszz provides secured payment to buyers.

If non-delivery happens, you can push "Trouble" button in Trading Chat. Then, Rewardszz business team reconciles it.

If it is necessary, Rewardszz refunds prepaid money to the buyer.