Sell mini bottles to your followers

2020-06-22 07:41:09

Wineries can sell mini bottles at Rewardszz

Winery owners on Instagram can sell their mini bottles to followers. This is a very easy marketing measure to grow their fan base. 
Many instagram account of wineries have many followers. These followers will become buyers of mini bottles.
Why mini bottles? For tasting and trial purpose. 

Since wine exporting would have regulations in your country, we recommend you to start from domestic selling and shipping. 
At Rewardszz, sellers can charge buyers for sales item at USD3, USD3, USD5, USD10, USD20, USD40, USD60 and USD100. 


Sample hashtags
Overview: #wine #minibottle #USD5-including-domestic-shipping
Quality: #premium #dry-white #chardonnay
Quantity: 1 (meaning one bottle per shipping)
Delivery method: #domesitic-postal #us-limited-deliver
Delivery timing: #1week-after-order