Monetize by "Donation and Chat"

2020-06-30 04:09:00

Instagram creators can monetize by this.

Rewardszz enables social media creators to monetize by video chatting in return for donations.
Not only Youtubers, but Instagram creators can monetize by using this. 

Creators can make a donation receiving page at Rewardszz website easily. When donation givers from your followers come, you can lead them to this page. You can also put URL of this page on your profile. After confirming money deposit, you can start a video chat with the donation giver. 5 minutes' chat would be enough. The amount of the donation can be set at USD10, 20, 40, 60, and 100. 

Sample hashtags
Overview: #donation #videochat #5minutes
Quality: #Instagram-video 
Quantity: 1
Delivery method: #realtime
Delivery timing: #PM8-PM10 #PacificTime #US