Hashtag commerce?

2020-05-08 01:38:51

Promote your sales item by #hashtag

By writing hashtags, you can sell anything deliverable with a price from USD10 to USD120 at Rewardszz.
That is what we call Hashtag Commerce.

You can sell your digital file such as a high definition travel photo from Rewardszz. Our site has a file transfer functionality in the communication window with your buyer.

You can sell a physical goods as long as you can use an appropriate delivery service. If a domestic postal service fits for your sales item, you can limit your delivery area within your country. By writing undestandable hashtag, you can do that.

Sample hashtags
Overview: #handmade #ring
Quality: #silver
Quantity: 1
Delivery method: #Singapore #domestic #postal-service
Delivery timing: #after-payment #seven-days