YouTuber can monetize at Rewardszz

2020-05-08 09:10:54

Paste your sales item URL on your YouTube profile

Do you have difficulties in monetizing from YouTuber activities?
If so, try Rewardszz.

At Rewardszz, you can create your "sales window" (precisely, "sales item" page) to get donation or to sell digital files.
This "sales window" has unique URL. So, you can paste this URL on yoru profile of YouTuber. Voilà!
You can get money very easily. You have many followers. You have many chances!

At Rewardszz, you can create your "sales item page". and register your sales item with a price (USD10-120). Then, put this URL on your profile of SNS. You can start selling your item from that day. Sample user page is here.

Sample hashtags
Overview: #YouTube #donation
Quality: #on-your-will #USD5
Quantity: 1
Delivery method: #my-thanks
Delivery timing: #donation #real-time