Stay Home and Earn Money

2020-05-15 03:13:25

You can sell something to your followers

At Rewardszz, you can sell something to your followers from home.

As COVID-19 is spreading in many countries, people are staying home. If there is a good tool to sell something from home, it is greatly welcome.

Rewardszz was developed originally for Instagram influencers to monetize. But we recognized this is well-suited for selling something (photo or small item) from home. SNS users who have plenty of followers have a possibility to sell. What do they want from you?

You can do trials and errors to find the right answer.
Not only Instagram users, but users of YouTube, Twitter and others can sell anything appropriate from Rewardszz. Anything appropriate means anything deliverable. It may be a digital file or a physical item that can be sent by postal service.

At Rewardszz, you can create your "sales item page". and register your sales item with a price (USD10-120). Then, put this URL on your profile of SNS. You can start selling your item from that day. Sample user page is here.


Sample hashtags
Overview: #mypiece #photograph
Quality: #3MB #websiteuse
Quantity: 1
Delivery method: #filetransfer
Delivery timing: #immediately-after-payment